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“Managing Metric Management in ISO 9001” published in NSAI E_zine

11th Sept 2011    We are glad to report that the article “Managing Metric Management in ISO 9001” from the Goldcert eResource Centre is reaching a wider and wider readership. Last April it was reprinted by the registration body DQS-UL in their InDialog newsletter. This week the article has been included in the quarterly E_zine of […]

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Goldcert’s new website goes live

31st August 2011   The Goldcert website has gone through a transformation. The upgrade reflects the need for a site that helps documented management systems overcome – or better still avoid – the danger of “compliance fatigue”. The site provides its visitors with many opportunities to take stock of this danger. The Home Page includes a […]

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Back from my travels

20th August 2011   Finally surfacing from jetlag after an inspiring break in the Americas that took me to Colombia, Mexico, Philadelphia and the Cayman Islands. Covering the whole of July and half of August, it’s been the longest break abroad that I’ve allowed myself in 10 years. And a very rewarding one on the creativity […]

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