Goldcert offers a high-quality consulting service. This ranges from intensive on-site work to off-site telephone/e-mail communication. The consultancy is focused on empowering the client to apply the key concepts of the Goldcert Approach in a creative and confident manner.

The Goldcert Approach is direcly derived from the professional background and extensive experience of the¬†founder, Rody Ryan. It provides a framework for any organisation, large or small, to make the distinction between “quality” and “business” a thing of the past.

The Goldcert Approach consists of a flexible series of phases that help organisations at different levels of maturity to integrate management systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 with the business management system itself.

These training and consultancy Programmes are adapted to reflect the needs, size, resources etc of individual clients.


Goldcert Phase 1 Programme – Setting the Direction

This Programme addresses the challenge of moving from mechanical compliance to a broader business definition of quality. It establishes a clear road-map for the future development of the system.



Goldcert Phase 2 Programme – Drivers for Continual Improvement

This Programme addresses the challenge of developing the system “tools” to establish a genuine platform for continual improvement, and not just a platform for mechanical compliance.

  • Procedures to focus on key decisions that prevent predictable time-bombs
  • Records aligned with a metric management system
  • Systematic tool(s) to manage change (whether reactive or proactive)
  • Using internal audits to determine effectiveness
  • Streamlining these changes through use within the quality function and a number of pilot areas


  • Sharper control on the format, approval and usefulness of procedures
  • Measures of effectiveness in place for key processes
  • Clear criteria for the closeout of significant changes to the system
  • Management process included in the documented system
  • Parallel/redundant processes clearly identified and contained
  • Internal audits increasingly focus on the effectiveness of processes
  • Compliance with ISO 9001
  • A¬†platform for systematic continual improvement rather than a platform for mechanical compliance
  • A living awareness of quality at all levels of the organisation

Goldcert Phase 3 Programme – Building the Business Model

This Programme addresses the challenge of carrying the changes through to the goal of a streamlined Business Model with little or no distinction between quality and business.


  • Progressive deployment of the new approach across all areas
  • Identifying and improving upstream sources of preventable errors
  • A systematic approach to “getting it right first time”
  • Identifying measures of effectiveness for all key processes
  • Strengthening the change management process through systematic use
  • Controlling deviations from procedures in a systematic manner
  • Aligning internal audits with management objectives
  • Reducing unnecessary variability in the system
  • Eliminating the distinction between “quality” and good business practice
  • A fully deployed Business Model to manage both the stable and the transitional activities of the business
  • Systematic balance between control and flexibility
  • High visibility and control of significant changes
  • Internal audits an integral part of managing the business
  • Mature metric management system
  • Quality and systematic continual improvement a natural and integral part of how the organisation does its business
  • Sharing of best practice within and across all sites
  • Strong quality culture across the entire organisation
  • Compatibility with ISO 9004
  • World class organisation!