Although client feedback is normally confidential, the following testimonials have been approved for public release. Goldcert would like to thank the companies concerned.

Intel Certificate of Recognition
Brian H. Kelly, Management Representative, European Post Sales Support, Intel Ireland, Leixlip, Ireland


Rody’s approach to management systems (mainly through his company Goldcert) has been the one that we have used at Grupo CRASA to maintain our now 16 yr. old registration and get the most out of our quality system. I strongly recommend his vast knowledge and experience on the subject, as well as his strong people and language skills. Many companies will definitely be benefited with the Goldcert approach.

Oscar Alvarez de la Cuadra López, CEO at Grupo CRASA, Mexico City, Mexico


We are pleased to have engaged the services of Rody Ryan to help us implement our Environmental Management System. The Goldcert Approach he champions helped us with our contractual obligations to “get certified” and to embrace the advantages of systematic continual improvement. 

The principles of the Goldcert Approach, particularly Rody’s unique and inspiring approach to action tracking, strongly influenced our approach to managing our Environmental Management System.

David Brazil, Scientific Officer, UOMS, Dublin Bay Power Plant, Dublin, Ireland


QUALIFICAR, an education consulting firm  based in Colombia with a record of eight years in the design and implementation of policies,  programs and projects to improve the  quality and relevance of education, had the benefit of the consultancy services of   the firm GOLDCERT, led by its  CEO Rody Ryan. 

The services focused on the analysis of the existing quality   management system, training our internal team on the GOLDCERT model  and guidance on the design of an implementation plan for ISO 9000, which in turn will lead to improving the management  system of the company – a key element of the GOLDCERT approach. 

The diagnostic work was very thorough  and relevant, and the training  provided was useful, entertaining and  motivating. It provided a focus for the  efforts of our organization  to mobilize various players to change specific planning and management practices.   

A preliminary exercise of familiarization with our company  resulted in a service that was tailored to meet our  particular needs. 

Liliana González Á., Directora Ejecutiva, Qualificar Ltda., Carrera 45 # 103-34, Bogotá, Colombia


Over the past 15 months, Enterasys has released 4 major product platforms to the Enterprise Network market using the practices and techniques that you provided. These products represent a substantial portion of our revenue stream.  By implementing best practice and continuous improvement in all of our business processes, the result has been no critical customer escalations involving these products.  This is clearly a world class achievement. On behalf of the entire management team who you have challenged, taught, guided and supported our sincere appreciation for a job well done. 

Thomas D. Bunce, Executive Vice President of Engineering, Enterasys Networks Inc,Rochester NH, USA


I am writing to you on behalf of the National Standards Authority of Ireland in relation to your participation in the Standards Development Committee for the FETAC Level 6 award scheme for Documented Management Systems. 

These awards now form part of the Irish National Qualifications system for training in Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety Management Systems and I am proud to have been Chairman of the Standards Development Committee which worked so hard to produce them. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your work on this project. Your insight into the structures and application of different Management Systems in a broad range of industry sectors proved invaluable to the committee and certainly helped to bring the project to a successful conclusion within a shorter timeframe than we could have initially hoped for. 

Kieran Cox, Education & Promotion officer, National Standards Authority of Ireland


As a Lead Assessor with NSAI, our ISO 9001 registrar, you visited our plant on a regular basis over a period of four years . . . . Under the influence of your perceptive reports we developed a strong platform for systematic continual improvement that supported our fast growth from 500 employees to over 4,500. Not only that, but the same approach was fundamental to the successful development of three other SCI plants in Mexico.

As you know, SCI world-wide consists of 40 plants.  We were honoured last year with the President’s Award to be the first of these plants to achieve the top awards for both Quality and Continual Improvement within the corporation.  A large part of the credit for this achievement is due to your unique approach to ISO 9001.

Agustin Guerrero, Vice President and Plant Manager, SCI Plant 16, Guadalajara, Jalisco,Mexico


The Goldcert Method addresses key aspects of productivity that have been affected by the lack of objectivity and experience on the part of those responsible for implementing quality systems. It includes elements that are both interesting and easily affordable.  

In our circles there is a concern to find a way to resolve what you describe as “compliance fatigue”. That is one of the main points of interest in your model and one that that raises great hope. I congratulate you for your enthusiasm and interest in exploring these issues. 

Mario Salazar Salazar, Gerente General, R.C.O.M Consultores, Bogotá Colombia


Many thanks for helping us achieve ISO 14001 certification with no non- conformances. We are now considering the same Goldcert Approach to help integrate our Health & Safety and other management systems as we go forward. 

Joe Scally, Plant Manager, Dublin Bay Power Plant, Dublin, Ireland


In my   capacity as General Manager and Legal Representative of Cindu Andina Ltda, I would like to provide feedback on the services provided by you in Colombia, last August, in line with  our policy of evaluation of consultants who support us.

1. Usefulness of information:

In the   opinion of the management team   you supported in the company, the information provided   was of the   highest utility given that the  company is at the stage of identifying  and and implementing its processes. Thanks to your  intervention, we have adopted the philosophy of the model of continual  improvement starting with the processes that the Goldcert model proposes.

2. Methodology

In the  opinion of the management team  you supported in the company, the presentation and workshop   methodology provided was most useful because  it facilitated live learning.

3. Quality   of the information

In the   opinion of the management team  you supported in the company, the content of the information was top quality and helped  to understand the importance of improving the system of processes, based on the   ISO 9001 model.

4. Quality of the facilitator

In the  opinion of the management team  you supported in the company,  the speaker, in this case Ryan Rody,   was empathetic and assertive. He held the  group’s attention and facilitated interaction with the participants. He managed his Spanish perfectly.

All  that remains is to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank you for your important contribution.

Diego Anzola Chiappe, Gerencia General, Cindu Andina Ltda, Carrera 22 # 18-12 Bogotá, Colombia


We are implementing OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 following the Goldcert Approach to systematic continual improvement that brought us through a successful upgrade to ISO 9001

Steve Johnson, Business Systems Manager, ESB International, Dublin, Ireland


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