The Goldcert Logo

The Goldcert Logo combines a number of distinctive features, and represents a theme of integration, balance and harmony.

Common sense approach
The three circles represent each of the key features of an effective management system.
Such a system must be good at:

Combining the components into a system

ISO approach
In the language of documented management systems these three issues are reflected

The Goldcert Approach
The Goldcert Approach provides a structured focus on decision-making as the key to continual improvement. In simple terms, it is a structured way for an organisation to learn from its own mistakes. Basically all predictable errors arise from defective decision-making somewhere earlier on in the process. The Goldcert Approach is to identify these “accident black-spots” and reduce or eliminate them. In fact we turn them into their opposite. They become “Goldpoints” – points in the process where we can increasingly ensure the absense of predictable problems.

And that is why the “G” lies at the heart of the logo. The Goldpoints lie at the heart of the Goldcert Approach.