Rody Ryan is an acknowledged “natural” in the art of training, coaching and facilitation. He is equally at home on the shop-floor or in the board-room, with small groups or large audiences. His style is unique and highly motivational.

Typical examples of his training courses are listed below. Further information on these and other training topics can be provided on request.

Course ID Goldcert Training Courses Vn 1.7
100 “ISO 9001 as a Decision Management System – Senior Management Overview”
140 “Getting Real Value from ISO 9001 – Senior Management Overview”
200 “Introduction to Quality and ISO 9001″
210 “Integrated Business Management Systems”
220 “ISO 9001 – The Goldcert Approach”
240 “Getting REAL Value from ISO 9001 – Quality Function workshop”
245 “ISO 9001 con Valor Agregado”
260 “ISO 9001 for Software/IT Design”
280 “ISO 9001 Internal Auditing”
400 “The Goldcert Management System”
420 “Key Decision Points”
430 “Value-added Internal Auditing”
450 “Metric Management with ISO 9001″
460 “Methods and Tools for Continual Improvement with ISO 9001″
480 “Strategic Business Planning and Implementation Techniques for ISO 9001″